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Cellulite Treatments

You can identify whether a person has cellulite by pinching an area of skin tissue. Cellulite is also a lot more noticeable when the skin is cold.
A good exercise regime is probably half the battle when fighting cellulite.

The dimpling effect of cellulite can be reduced by using creams which contain Aminophylline. Certain anti cellulite lotions contain caffeine and some now also contain herbs which improve the skin’s texture and tone.

Treatments for cellulite remain largely unsuccessful because they only target the appearance of cellulite. No treatment option is permanent. Cellulite can continue to develop as we age. The primary function of treatment is to improve the appearance of cellulite by enhancing skin tone, tightening skin, and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Some of the popular treatments for cellulite include the following:

* Endermologie is a nonsurgical treatment approved by the FDA for cellulite reduction. Endermologie has been used as a treatment for cellulite reduction and skin toning.
* Ultrasound is another nonsurgical treatment for cellulite reduction. Some doctors have noted that Endermologie treatment may be more effective in reducing cellulite if preceded by about ten minutes of ultrasound treatment.

Body wraps are generally beneficial for relaxation, as well as softening the skin, but they do not reduce cellulite.
* Liposuction has been used to shape the appearance of accumulated fat layers and cellulite.
* Maintaining proper weight has been thought to impact the appearance of cellulite as well.

Cellulite cannot be eliminated or effectively reduced by diet and exercise, but diet and exercise can render cellulite more responsive to other recognized methods of cellulite reduction.

Finding a provider with extensive, specific cellulite-treatment experience is important for achieving optimal results.
* Ask about the possible side effects or complications that can result from the various cellulite treatment options.

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