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Cellulite Cream

Want to get rid of cellulite? Why can’t a cream or pill help to reduce cellulite? Because cellulite is actually related to the composition of your skin. This connective tissue holds down fat into place. However, in many women, the superficial fascia is discontinuous and has “gaps” that allow fat to poke up onto the skin surface in clusters, creating the dimpled appearance associated with cellulite. Thus, there simply is no mechanism for magic cellulite potions to repair the gaps in connective tissue.

Technically, cellulite is not considered to be a health problem or condition so there are no medical treatments available. This being said there are many, many potions, creams and lotions available all promising wonderful benefits and cellulite reducing features. There are a number of consumer product review sites on which information can be found about all manner of products – including those claiming to treat cellulite. Some manufacturers offer guarantees on their products. If in doubt, check with your doctor.

No one ingredient has been proven to banish cellulite through external application. There are all number of theories supporting products containing a number of ingredients. Some stimulate circulation to the area affected by cellulite to improve drainage and toxin elimination.

In the short term, you can also have some of the anti-cellulite treatments by some of the vacuum massaging treatments that you’ll see advertised in beauty salons. All these do is very temporarily reduce the appearances by producing pressure over the cellulite, over the dimpled area, and suction over the dimpled area, and by alternating suction and pressure, you temporarily reduce the appearances of cellulite.

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