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Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof cosmetics contain a special form of dimethicone called dimethicone copolyol. Most waterproof cosmetics require special solvents for removal. Waterproof cosmetics should not be used by women suffering from eyelid dermatitis. To tackle with this problem, you can use water proof cosmetics for makeup.

The cosmetics which have been designed not to run, smear, or come off even when your skin gets wet are known as waterproof makeup.

When to Wear Waterproof Makeup?
Be especially careful while choosing waterproof foundation makeup and waterproof concealer as it should blend well with your natural skin tone.

How to Remove Waterproof Makeup?
Plain water and regular makeup removers cannot effectively remove waterproof makeup. Make it a point to buy it along with the waterproof cosmetics to avoid makeup removal problems. There are some standard instructions to how to remove waterproof cosmetics. Rub the cotton pad on the skin carrying the makeup layer. Some makeup granules may still be left adhered to your skin, especially best waterproof mascara which is difficult to remove. This step completes the process of waterproof makeup removal. Moisturize your skin with a good quality moisturizer to avoid skin dryness.

Are There any Side Effects of Waterproof Makeup?
The waterproof makeup adheres to your skin more firmly than the regular beauty products. Sebum is the oily substance produced by your skin. To add to this, regular use of waterproof makeup and its removal may make your skin unnaturally dry. Now, you know about the importance, usage and removal method of waterproof makeup.

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