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Corrective Makeup Tips

A basic technique for applying makeup is to emphasis the good features by highlighting and minimizing the imbalanced or not so good features, by shadowing or shading with the right combination of cosmetics colors, which is the purpose of corrective makeup.

*Importance of makeup color.

1. Choose makeup color that flatter the color of the eyes, skin and hair.
2. Imperfect features should be toned down by choosing and applying matching dark colors.
3. Select and apply makeup high lighters according to the corrective result required.

*Primary Contouring of Faces.

Face contouring is done before the main general foundation. This means that for corrective contouring, 3 shades of foundations are needed:

1. Lighter shade of foundation for highlighting.
2. Dark color foundation for downtoning imperfect features.
3. Overall natural skin color foundation to defuse the harshness of highlighting and shadowing.

*Corrective Makeup for a Round Face
1. Apply shadow under your cheek bones, right under and not on your cheek bones.
Corrective Makeup for a Square Face
2. For the chin, apply shadow on it, and blend it in thoroughly.

*Corrective Makeup for Eyes
We have narrow eyes, and wide eyes too. To use corrective makeup for eyes of different shapes and sizes.

*here are some tricks
1. For smaller eyes, apply shadow beyond the length of the eye, and above and below the eye as well.
2. For eyes that seem too close to each other, apply shadow on the outer edges of the eyes, and highlight the inner corners of the eyes.
3. If your eyes are sunken, then apply shadow only in the middle of they eyelid. Corrective Makeup for Nose
4. If you wish to make your nose appear shorter, then apply a darker shadow right below the nose, and over the tip of the nose.

*Corrective Makeup for Lips
Lips are also an important focal point, and with the help of corrective makeup and these lip makeup tips, you can make them look thinner, thicker, longer and shorter.

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