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Chapped Lips

Severe and chronic chapped lips are a result of very dry skin on the lips. Causes of chapped lips

Some of the common causes of chapped lips are :

*Allergic reaction to cosmetics like lipsticks, lip gloss.
*Massage dry lip with lip balm or petroleum jelly.

Here are some simple home steps to Cure Severe and chronic Chapped Lips:

* Give dry, flaky lip the brush-off; Once a week exfoliate your lip.
* If lip become chapped, avoid wearing lipsticks while lip are recovering as drying products in color pigments may irritate chapped lip,With Glycerine and Milk Cream you can cure severe and chronic chapped dry lips,Helps to cure severe and chronic chapped lip.

Mentholatum are the remedy for severe chapped lips

Works especially well with cracked and severe chapped lip.This remedy leaves your lip soft and supple,It helps in great deal to cure the severe and chronic chapped lips,Unsalted Butter to cure the Severe and Chronic Chapped lips.

Rub melted unsalted butter on your lip. Olive Oil is another method to cure the Chronic Chapped lips

1. Avoid over exposure to sun and use a lip balm containing sun-block when going outside.
2. Smooth your lips morning and night with a lip balm.
3. Apply cool, salt-soaked cloths to the lips everyday to hydrate the lips.
4. Avoid frequent lip licking.

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