Perusahaan CV. ADHI JAYA

Vegetable Dyes

Natural dyes, are extracted from natural resources. Natural dyes are eco-friendly, non toxic and non-hazardous. The process of making natural dyes perpetuate the ancient tradition of natural dyeing, combined with scientific research, ensuring quality and stability of the dyes.

Some women have health concerns about using hair dyes. Others have allergic reactions to the chemical ingredients in permanent hair coloring products. Vegetable dyes are a safe alternative to chemical coloring products.

Vegetable hair dyes have been used for thousands of years. The ingredients used in vegetable dye vary according to the color. Vegetable dyes are a semi permanent form of hair coloring. The vegetable dyes, are also known as natural dyes. The vegetable dyes, are very superior than synthetic dyes. Common Vegetable Dyes:

There are varieties of vegetable dyes. These dyes can be grouped into five categories: leaf dyes, bark dyes, flower and fruit dyes, stem and root dyes, and mineral dyes.

Leaf Dyes: It is the most common used vegetable dyes. Flower and Fruit Dyes: The flower and fruit dyes are the most important category of natural dyes. Stem and Root Dyes: Stem and root dyes are used for many varied purposes.

Mineral Dyes: The mineral dyes are found throughout Bhutan, these dyes are obtained from natural mineral salts and oxidized iron.

* There are a number of dye-yielding plants in Bhutan.
* Camomile is a vegetable dye.
* Some ‘vegetable’ dyes may contain permanent oxidation dye ingredients which makes the product potentially harmful to certain persons.

Tunisian Henna where available is not a vegetable dye as it contains metallic salts and is classed as an inorganic dye.

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