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Partial Leukonychia It can be considered as a phase of total Leukonychia. In transverse Leukonychia the nail plate appears to be in multiple opaque colors. Longitudinal Leukonychia is a small white line under the nail plate.

Pseudo Leukonychia

This disease appears when there is a discoloration in the nail due to change of the nail bed. There are three different types of pseudo Leukonychia Terry’s nails, Muehrcke’s nails and half and half nails. Terry nail’s affects the whole nail except for a very small area. In half and half nails the nail the greater part appears to be in dull white color and the smaller part in brownish color. In Muehrcke’s nails the nail has numerous transverse white bands.
Leukonychia is a medical term for white spots appearing on nails, Leukonychia can occur with arsenic poisoning, heart disease.

Common Causes of Leukonychia

* Chronic exposure to moisture or to nail polish can produce brittle nails with peeling of the edge of the nail.
* A crush injury to base of the nail or the nail bed may produce a permanent deformity.

Symptoms of Leukonychia

* White nails.
* Abnormal colored nails.

Treatment for Leukonychia

* For nail abnormalities due to nail biting, picking, and tearing, stop these behaviors.
* For brittle nails, keep the nails short and avoid nail polish.

Leukonychia may be total, partial, striate or punctate. Leukonychia totalis is a very rare case. Acquired leukonychia totalis appears in early childhood.

Reducing minor injury to the nails may prevent the white marks:

Leuconychia changes the color of your nails. This nail disorder has different causes and stages; Leukonychia Partialis which is a phase of Leukonychia Totalis, Leukonychia autosomal dominant (congenital), transverse linear nail lesions, Muehrcke’s Lines, Mees’ Lines, among the main.
Transverse Leukonychia shows white lines, Leukonychia Punctata is characterized by white spots and Terry’s nails presenting all white nails associated with severe cardiovascular disease.
There is no effective treatment for Leukonychia although reducing minor injury to the nails prevents the white marks and spots that will gradually disappear as the nail grows outward from the matrix with the nail plate and eventually disappear.

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