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Hair Shampooing

Shampooing is essential to everyone’s hair care routine, regardless of hair type or texture. How frequently should I shampoo my hair?

Shampoo your hair twice a week in summers. If you have dry hair, you can shampoo them once a fortnight.

Frequent shampooing is not harmful for the hair not does it cause any hair loss. However, daily shampooing of very dry hair and overzealous manipulation (excessive brushing, rubbing, etc.) cause hair breakage which may be mistaken for hair loss.
Perfect Technique for Shampooing Hair

Wet hair thoroughly with hot water – as hot as you can tolerate.
Some more tips for shampooing hair

Before shampooing your hair, do a hair massage with oil for ten to fifteen minutes. For two much dry hair, massage with warm olive oil is beneficial.

After shampooing, don’t rub your hair vigorously with towel. Rubbing your hair vigorously may result in hair breakage. To cure such type of hair loss, brush hair gently with a soft, natural bristle brush. Do not pull or twist your hair. Shampoo lightly with a mild shampoo. Salt and chlorinated water make the hair hard and sticky. Always wash your hair immediately after swimming in salt or chlorinated water. If you can’t shampoo, rinse with soda water. Shampoos are available in different formulas to suit all hair types and conditions. Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly.

The selection of the right type of shampoos and hair conditioners once you have identified the type of hair you have is the most important step. If your hair is dry and rough, you must use oil. This type of hair needs regular oil massage and right type of your diet.

* Always wash your brush and comb when you shampoo your hair.
* Don’t rub vigorously or you will stretch the hair.

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