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Hair Weaves

Hair extensions and weaves can completely change the way a person’s hair looks.Hair weaving is a time consuming process because it involves taking strands of hair and attaching them to a person’s naturally growing hair.

A second method of adding hair weaves is for a hairstylist to heat the hair weave so that individual pieces of hair can be fused on to a person’s natural hair. Synthetic fibers are the least expensive type of hair to use because this type of hair is artificial and contains no human hair. While synthetic hair is a good alternative to human hair, it can never completely replicate the durability and flexibility of natural hair.

Human hair is the best type of hair to use in a weave. The least expensive type of hair that is still considered natural, but not human, is Yak hair. This type of hair is more textured and course, but can still be successfully used in hair weaves.

A hair weave is a very general term used to describe human or artificial hair used to alter one’s natural hair appearance by adding additional hair to their natural hair or by covering the natural hair all together with human or synthetic hair pieces.

The highest quality extension hair is human remy hair. One type of application is called a sew-in. Weft hair can also be applied by gluing directly to the natural hair using hair glue specifically made for hair weaves.

Extension hair refers to the weave hair being applied strand by strand rather than in long sewn together rows.

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