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Infant Organic Formula

Organic formula, just like organic food in general, is a good choice when you want a natural product that hasn’t been produced with chemicals.

Whether you’re looking at organic dairy-based formula or organic soy formula, all organic formulas are produced with certified organic ingredients. The major downside to organic formula for many people is the price. Regular baby formula is expensive enough, and when you add on the premium that is charged for organic products, that can make the formula cost prohibitive.

Organic formula can be purchased at many natural food stores, as well as online.
* Similac Organic Infant Formula is a dairy formula that is USDA certified organic and includes essential fatty acids that help with brain development.

* Earth’s Best has both organic soy and organic dairy infant formulas, which can be purchased either with added iron or added fatty acids.

* Baby’s Only organic formula comes in soy and dairy varieties and also has added fatty acids.

• Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

All of their infant formulas are powdered. Nature’s One® Baby’s Only Organic® (Soy & Dairy)

They also offer only powdered organic infant formula.

Nature’s One® packaging is 100% BPA-free. Nature’s One® canisters have always been BPA-free except for the possibility of un-reacted BPA on the easy-open removable metal top. All products manufactured in 2010 will be canned using the new packaging; this includes Baby’s Only Organic® formulas and PediaSmart® nutrition beverages. Rest assured that neither can contains BPA. Baby’s Only Organic® formula steel canisters and re-closeable plastic lids are uncoated and do not contain bisphenol-A. Once the formula is opened, the easy-open metal top is discarded.

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