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Face Makeup

Thanks to the advancements in cosmetology, face makeup opportunities have essentially exploded.

Start with your skin’s basic composition: oily, dry or combination. Some facial skins also change their composition with hormone changes or humidity.

Always test shades of foundation on your face at the jaw line, as you want your face makeup color to match your neck. The following outlines the best face makeup products to match
typical skin types.

Oily Skin with Acne

* Loose Face Powder
* Oil Control Liquid Foundation
* Stick Foundation – to hide blemishes

Dry Aging Skin

* Luminescent and Dewy Foundation Styles
* Pressed Powder

Combination Skin

* Liquid or Cream Foundation
* Matte Products – to balance skin texture

Ruddy Red Skin

* Yellow Based Foundation – to combat redness
* Stick or Cream Products – blend evenly into skin

Skin of Color

* Lighter Colors of Foundation
Good Skin

* Sheer Liquid Foundation

Then, let the skin rest before tackling any makeup steps. Ideally, place the face makeup over the entire face including your eyelids, nose corners and lips. Don’t feel that face makeup must completely cover your face. The last crucial step is the face powder.

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