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Skin Moisturizers

Skin moisturizers, whether lotions and creams, lubricate and moisturize skin without blocking pores (non-comedogenic).

A lotion skin moisturizer is a liquid emulsions. A solid skin moisturizer is a cream emulsion. An ointment skin moisturizer is water in oil emulsion.]

Benefits of Skin Moisturizers:

• Face moisturizers binds moisture to the skin and the benefits of this type of skin moisturizer are felt all day.
• Moisturizers boosts the skin’s defense system, and generally the best skin moisturizers improve the skin’s metabolism.
• Skin moisturizers visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
• Skin moisturizers improve skin tone and restore the skin to a youthful glow as it nourishes and hydrates.
• Environmental damage needs a skin moisturizer that prevents dehydration.
Medicated skin moisturizers can soften and hydrate severe dry skin. Skin moisturizers even boost the immune system.
• The best moisturizers penetrate the skin instantly; retain natural moisture, replace the skin’s moisture and promote healthy skin overall. Skin moisturizers and face moisturizers soothe and refine the clarity and texture of the skin.

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