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Hand and Body Lotion

Applying a moisturizing hand and body lotion is necessary for skin to maintain its elasticity and to prevent premature skin ageing. Some of the skin nourishing oils and butters added in a quality hand and body lotion .

include the following:

Natural Shea Butter has a high amount of Vitamins A and E which help to repair skin damage.

Cocoa Butter:

A soothing ingredient that helps minimize dryness and helps improve the skin’s elasticity. Cocoa Butter is a yellowish vegetable fat most often used to soften the skin. It is known to help prevent and minimize stretch marks, protect dry, chapped skin, treat skin irritations, help erase wrinkles on neck, around eyes and mouth and adds a firming agent to skin care products. The INCI name for Cocoa Butter is Theobroma Cacao.

It offers smoothing properties in hand and body lotions and is easily absorbed into the skin; a great vegetable oil for massage products. It softens and moisturizes skin and is highly recommended for dry, weathered, aged, and damaged skin. The INCI name for Sunflower Oil is Helianthus Annuus.

Jojoba Oil is especially good for mature skin, while Grapeseed Oil is often recommended for acne and oily skin. Avocado Oil penetrates the skin easily and Sweet Almond Oil is suitable for most skin types.
I prefer Glycerin that is derived from vegetable oil, palm or coconut. The INCI name for Vegetable Glycerin is Glycerin.

Stearic Acid (Palm):

Like Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid is used to emulsify, thicken, bind, and stabilize hand and body lotions. The INCI name for Stearic Acid is Stearic Acid.

Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE):

Acts as a natural antioxidant, a natural preservative that reduces the rate of oxidation in oils that oxidize quickly and extends the shelf life of your lotion.

Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils:

There is a lot controversy these days regarding fragrance oils being added to hand and body lotions due to the fact that most fragrance oils contain phthalates. For some people, fragrance or essential oils may cause skin irritations.

A good hand and body lotion should contain botanical oils and butters but not necessarily a lot them.

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