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What is Minerals Makeup

Mineral Cosmetics is a makeup product made only from natural ingredients that you can use your facial skin. Mineral Cosmetics are made of minerals and pigments found in nature, which has been processed and then overlaid by other pigments to create varying colors and luster. Some do not have the luster pigment, while others have little or highly lustrous sheen. The combination of these colored minerals can be used as a cosmetic powder ranging from basic (foundation) to eyeshadow.

Taking advantage of Mineral Makeup?

* Looks and feels more natural

Powder Mineral foundation looks and feels very natural without losing “power-close” it (coverage). Mineral base powder to soften and smooth your skin color, make your face look perfectly natural, as compared with a face that looks thick because of the use of powder usual liquid foundation.

* Does not cause the occurrence of blackheads

The materials most irritating in cosmetic face is talk, dyes and perfumes. Mineral cosmetics are free from all kinds of ingredients that can irritate the skin and also will not clog pores so your skin breathe freely.

* Anti-inflammatory

Two natural materials we use, namely titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is an anti inflammatory which helps to calm face was inflamed. Zinc oxide also has anti-microbial power, making the mineral makeup is not easily damaged. In fact, plastic surgeons and skin specialists recommend use of mineral cosmetics to patients who have recently undergone laser treatment, Microdermabrasion, peels or plastic surgery.

* Hold all day

Mineral pigment particles are so fine it will be united in the face is clean and has been given a moisturizer. It will not fade exposed to sweat. It is suitable for women who live in the area of tropical humid and hot.

* Natural Sunscreen

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide natural sun protection (natural sunscreen).

* Suitable for sensitive face

Traditional liquid foundation powder contain unnatural ingredients that can cause imbalance and facial irritation. Cosmetics Mineral cosmetics are the simplest, most natural and also the only type of cosmetics that do not cause adverse reactions.

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